Tile Repair & Handrails

Small Tile Repair

Most of the time, when tiles fall off a pool, it is not the fault of the tile. The reason why tiles fall off are because the coping has separated from the wall of the pool. That separation causes a crack behind the tile and pushes the tiles into the pool.

We can patch tile on a concrete pool ranging from 1 tile to 15 linear feet of tile.

before and after small tile patch

Before small tile patch

before and after small tile patch

After small tile patch

tile patch


Tile repair on pool walls


Delaware pool repairs

Handrail Installation

Core drilling for handrail anchors. Anchors will be bonded and installed with hydraulic cement.

Pool Handrail Installation
Pool handrails installed

pool handrail

Finished handrail installation at right.
Contact us for service in New Castle County, Delaware or Chester County, PA or Cecil County, MD.
We also install Saftron heavy duty PVC handrails and grab rails in various colors. They do not require any bonding or grounding.

Saftron Grab Rail installation

Saftron Grab Rail installation

Saftron Ladder

Saftron Ladder